Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Before we get into the obvious topic...

I need to discuss something. On pre-school days the HotY works from home until drop-off time. That means that the girls are usually still sleeping when I leave for work and are in his hands to get ready for school. And he does a fine job of it - seriously. But this morning as I was picking out outfits for the day I realized that having him dress the girls in new clothing (the previously worn stuff - not such a big deal) causes me great distress. What if adjustments need to be made? What if he doesn't know what needs to be tucked or untucked? What if, heaven forbid, the girls decide to make a change to the previously arranged wardrobe? And accessories - what about accessories??? I know I know but really what is the point of cute clothes if dad doesn't know what he is doing? Yes, I know this sounds incredibly shallow - and on this one point you are probably right. BUT I have a thing for clothes. And when you have little girls - well it is like having your own lifesize Barbies without having to pick up all those annoying little shoes . So if you see my girls and they don't look quite as put together as you would expect - if the shoes they are wearing are screaming out "take off the socks" you know it was a dad day - really!

Okay so I guess I have procrastinated long enough (alright fine, I just didn't want to be too predictable and lead off with TV news - I mean really you would have expected that).

I'm not even sure what to say about DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) except Jane Seymour and Marie Osmond need to GO! I don't mean to be a wench, but really if I wanted to see that kind of dancing I'd just head down to the senior citizen center. Don't get me wrong I appreciate what they are doing but, um, did you check out that Cheetah girl chick? They think they are going to win over that???? I'm just saying... And don't try to pretend you weren't thinking the same thing :-) Personally I really like Jennie Garth. She is a little stiff but I think she is a sweet person and surprisingly not full of herself. Well see how it all shakes out in the next couple of weeks.

And The Bachelor. Oh man. My feelings about the entire night can be summed up in six words - THIS SHOW MAKES WOMEN LOOK BAD! Seriously. I mean, fine, I may have been known to wear my heart on my sleeve a time or two, but I have NEVER stripped down to a bikini and taken a little dip in the pool while everyone else was parading around in their evening gowns. Holy Bananas woman. But I see she did get a rose so maybe her tactics weren't totally in vain. WOW. As for Brad Womack - he looks vaguely familiar and his name sounds familiar too. Was he in Cosmo or Glamour or something as an eligible bachelor? Why do I know this man??? I haven't totally made up my mind about him. He could win me over yet. I did give him a few more points when he recognized how hysterically funny it was that some chick thought her greatest asset was her webbed toes. That sense of humor will get me every time - and those pecs - well that didn't hurt.

Oh and one last note on the Bachelor. Did you see that one chick that got a rose. She had an off-white short dress on with spangles hanging on it. Did you see her? Okay did you see the dress? LOVED that dress. I want that dress. If this dieting thing keeps paying off, I'm getting that dress. Seriously!


Amy said...

Totally loved that dress! Gorgeous. I say go for it.

Wendy said...

You crack me up Ang...I know what you mean about the clothes thing, but I throw caution to the wind and don't actually pick anything out for Dan to put on the kids. It's always an adventure to see what he likes the kids to wear!

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