Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Ramblings...

TGIF- although the allure of Friday isn't quite as enticing now that there is no job looming on the horizon of Sunday - still Fridays' have a carefree feel about them so in the theme of the day I've decided not to worry so much about what to write as just to write - you know :-)

Last weekend's trip to the BIG BIG BIG mall was fun.  The girls had their pictures taken at the American Girl store with the cut-out of the newest doll.  

Pictures courtesy of my mom.  I tried to take photos with my phone but I kept taking videos instead - I have no idea how that kept happening.  I'm sure it's the phone - it couldn't possibly have been me!

Lauren rode the upside down roller coaster.  The girl is a thrill seeker - people are always surprised by that fact she hides it well :-) 

The girls also rode the smaller yet longer roller coaster (Syd rode it twice as she wasn't quite brave enough for the upside down coaster).

We lunched and strolled and shopped.  It was a good day.

I've been walking almost every day with my neighbor.  Even in the rain.  I KNOW!  I tried to get out of it.  It's wet, rainy, cold, etc. got me nowhere.  When Bernie says we're walking we walk.  Man I find him annoying :-)  Seriously, as I mentioned last fall - I like walking but sometimes the motivation is missing so it is nice to have a little push (even if it does mean rain hair).  Hopefully I'll be making real progress by late spring and won't even think of skipping a day.

Lauren is fascinated with Husky's (as in dog) and is constantly drawing them.  Her newest creation is a Husky mask. 

It's pretty creative if I say so myself.  Notice the blue buttons for eyes - the girl notices the details. 

That's it.  It really isn't even much of a ramble - maybe next time.


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Amy said...

I agree totally with the friday thing. They just have a let it go kind of feel to them. And funny about the Husky dog, Jason just found one on Craigslist and we both love it but it says he likes to chase cats! So it probably won't be happening! Ollie DOES rule the roost so he comes first.