Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mister Sun Sun Mister Golden Sun...

please shine down on
please shine down on
please shine down on me!

I don't know about you but I really need some warm summer sunshine to shine down on me.  Did you hear that Mr. Sun?  I need snow melt.  I need warmth.  I need winter to be done.  I need you Mr. Sun - I really need you.  Besides I just purchased the cutest pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses (remember my sunglasses addiction problem - which is also a necessity as I seem to misplace or otherwise break or lose sunglasses frequently).  My friend Roxann was shopping with me when I stated the need for new sunglasses - she asked me if I lost my glasses a lot - I just looked at her like Ummm how long have you known me - YES I misplace my sunglasses a lot.  Holy Bananas pay attention girl!  Anyway, I've got the glasses now bring on the sun!

Oh and is there anyone else who has visions of a large purple dancing dinosaur and his traveling band of precocious children whenever they hear the above mentioned song?  Some things just shouldn't be allowed to continue to occupy memory space!  Go away Barney go away!

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