Friday, March 18, 2011

So about that left lane...

today I traveled to a small town about 30 minutes from my biggish city to have lunch with my friends Amy and Heather.  As I was traveling down the highway (or is it an interstate or maybe a freeway - I don't know all I know is it has four lanes) I kept thinking how it has been ingrained in me by my father that the left lane is for passing SLOWER traffic.  It's not for cruising down the highway, driving in tandem with the car in the right hand lane thus backing up traffic and creating considerable amounts of road rage (are you listening to me left-hand drivers - you can get to Walmart just as quickly in the right lane as the left so move it over and quit blocking the flow - Holy Bananas).

Anyway,  I was traveling down the highway and I did indeed pull into the left hand lane to pass SLOWER traffic, but as I moved into the lane I noticed there was a line of 5 cars which I would consider slower traffic - each car had the distance of approximately two car lengths between them.  So what to do?  Do I weave in and out of traffic thus freeing the left lane for any faster cars which may approach (there weren't any at the time in case you were wondering) or do I cruise in the left lane until I have passed the entire line of slower traffic?  I mean really - which way is correct?  I went with the left lane driving - but it made me anxious.  There weren't any cars behind me and I kept an eye on my rear view mirror (fine I may have also been watching for cops)  but still I was anxious until I had passed the entire line of cars and could pull back into the right lane.   Was that the right thing to do?  What would you have done? 

I'm going to be traveling the open highway again tomorrow with my daughters.  We are heading for the BIG BIG BIG Mall in the BIG BIG city.  We are meeting my mom and sister for a girls' day.  It will be fun.  Both my girls have counted the money in their piggy banks and determined the amount they will be taking for their shopping sprees, my cell phone is charging, and the gas tank is full,   It's going to be a good day but if anyone can shed light on the which lane is which when there is an entire string of slower traffic that would be awesome and would do much to minimize by anxiety!  Hey, I don't have a job anymore I have to worry about something.


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mom said...

Ok! your father says" you stay in the left lane, unless there is someone behind you, you may speed up a LITTL....don't speed, to get around them a little faster."
SOOOOO you were right to stay in the left lane until getting passed the slow moving traffic.