Monday, August 30, 2010

Day Six...

Okay I'm about done with this day thing. My life just isn't that interesting. I'm still tracking my walking but I don't think everyone needs to keep track. Let's just say I'm going to once again make it part of my daily routine I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing now and then. Really it's a big thing - accountability, although tonight, tonight is probably a wash - if tomorrow night also ends up being a wash feel free to yell at me. I do have good excuses though, the kids start school tomorrow so there is much to do and I don't feel good - cramps. Enough said and really as crabby as I am right now I don't have the patience to deal with a non-compliant dog. Hmmm, it sounds like I'm rationalizing. Maybe I'll change my mind - I still have an hour to decide.

Rambling. Not feeling too chatty. Mostly feeling wound up. I should probably quit while I'm ahead.

Have a good night. I may walk after all - it depends.


ETA - I did my walk - even further than usual. I can feel summer turning to autumn in the wind so I better soak up the season of sun while I still can.
Oh and BTW I really have never liked the name Cupcake World for this blog - I was coerced into changing it but as long as I'm on a roll of not accepting the status quo I'm changing it back - Crabby Deal - that's what it is. Hope people can still find me - besides all those that are googling Cupcake World looking for a pelethora of cupcake goodness but instead find me are going to be a lot less disappointed. You know I told you I was feeling rambly and quirky tonight so if you are still reading this unconnected diatribe you have no one to blame but yourself - but really, I'm glad you're still here :-)