Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig...

we haven't done much traveling this summer - which has been nice yet uneventful. We knew we had two family events in August which would require traveling and the rest of the summer - well it went unplanned. I know, what can I say, I'm not an advance planner.

This weekend was the first trip. We were in Green Bay for my nephew's graduation/birthday/farewell for college party. We left Friday morning and got back early this evening. We had a nice time. Saturday was a little rainy but ended up being a beautiful night. My nephew Nicholas has now been formerly welcomed into the adult world.

Along with spending time with my family the trip was actually pretty nostalgic. Before moving to my current fair city I lived in Green Bay for a few years. Although the population is about the same GB feels like a much bigger city with more character. I had actually forgotten how much I enjoyed living there - not that I want to move back or raise my kids there - but still it was a nice place to live at the time. I especially miss the lake shore and the short drive to Door County. If you have never been to Door County I would highly recommend this as a vacation destination - although you will want to bring much patience (for dealing with the heavy traffic) and much cash (for dealing with the inevitable shopping). And really, I'd probably recommend Green Bay too - but probably not for more than a weekend that is enough time to cover the highlights. Anyway, the HotY and the kids got to see where I used to live and work, and shop and go out to play with my friends. They were very impressed :-) Somehow they feel that if you have seen one apartment complex and office building you have seen them all - who knew.

Anyway, I'd post some pictures of our trip, but we didn't take any. I don't know why but it just didn't happen. So you'll just have to take my word for it - Green Bay - a city with character and some really blue collar bars!


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Amy said...

Glad you had a good time. Miss you!