Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When does the fun begin...

do you remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to be an adult because adults had all the fun?  You could get up when you wanted to and go to bed when you wanted to and do whatever you wanted to do whenever you wanted to do it - there were no rules - there were no parents, just 24 hour fun all day every day.  Being an adult - it is a blissful life - to a child.  Any adult over 30 will tell you - this adult stuff - NOT fun.  You might not have parents telling you what to do (and really let's be honest - do parents ever stop giving their "opinion" to their children?) but there are bosses and spouses and doctors and teachers and neighbors and just other adults in general that tell you what to do.  There are bills to pay and conferences to attend and meals to make and houses to clean and children to teach.  Seriously, does that sound like fun to you?  I know, there are moments, moments when it is fun, but some days fun seems like a fleeting dream.  Oh to be a kid again - it was so much fun...  Did I mention today - not so fun.  I was mad at the HotY, the kids were not listening and the house that was so clean only a few short days ago is once again a mess.  I'm hoping tomorrow is not so so so - adultlike because I don't know about you but I really hate to listen to myself whine. 

Oh before I go and while we are talking about perceived reality vs. real life reality let's talk about the oh so understanding Bachelor Brad just a little bit.  I mean really is this guy for real?  If he is really this sensitive and caring and understanding I don't think he should be a husband he should be a priest - well except for that part that likes to "intimately" explore every relationship so he knows which bonds are real.  He seems to be doing a lot of exploring :-)  I have a feeling that any engagement which comes of this little fantasy may be short-lived - I know - call me cynical but we shall see...

I know that was totally random but I didn't want this entire post to be one long whine.  It's all about balance.

TTFN...  look for one month regrowth pictures of the dog later this week.  Her fur is growing back slowly but surely.

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