Saturday, February 26, 2011

So what have YOU been doing?

Oh, you wanna know what I have been doing?  Well since you asked, I've been making beds and doing laundry and lunching with friends and watching the dog sleep - you know - the usual.  Oh and there is that "I had a psychic reading thing"  WHAT?  I KNOW!  I'd like to say it is something I had on my bucket list and can now cross it off but I don't have a bucket list (do you have a bucket list?  Really, tell me what it is - this kind of stuff fascinates me) so I have no excuse than I've always been curious.  And no it wasn't like Miss Cleo or something it was a local psychic who was recommended by a friend - so I did it - I was intrigued. 

We had our call on Wednesday and she was very nice but didn't have any big revelations to tell me about myself - I was hoping she might mention my hidden Oprah potential or something.  She did say this is going to be a summer of happiness for me (not in those words exactly - she went through the year month by month and it all seems to be sunshine and happiness once the sun begins to shine and the thermometer rises).  News on my career is that I probably won't have a job until next year but everything will be okay in the meantime.  Well that's a relief - let the shopping begin (okay, fine I'm not  naive enough to throw caution to the wind but sometimes I wish I were).  She talked about other stuff in my life but it is personal information and I'm not inclined to share right now but it was interesting and somewhat exciting.  BUT here is the bottom line - although I do not think this person was a "hoax", I think she really believes in her craft and seems to be a great observer of the "human condition" BUT, as much as I'd like to be otherwise I'm a cynic at heart - although if you see me and I seem to be walking on the clouds and happier than you would normally expect remind me of the psychic thing - I could become a believer.   Oh and by the way, I'd actually endorse a psychic reading with a "reputable" psychic - it's like therapy at half the cost.

So there you go - and WHAT have you been doing???? 


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