Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let the Festivus begin!

Only two short days before the beginning of the biggest season of the year.  I'm not ready.  Cookies are not baked - except for one batch of Peanut Butter Star Cookies, which are tasty but falling apart because I used too much flour and the little helpers in the house were pretty heavy handed with the sugar rolling so the stars have all fallen off.  Guess which cookies I'm making again along with the others on my list?  I had plans of mixing up several batches tonight - I got ONE done.  And that one looked iffy along the way.  First I forgot to add and melt my chocolate chips, so back to step one.  Okay good, chips added and melted - now to add the eggs while beating.  Great - well except for that piece of egg shell which slipped in the bowl and never made it out.  UGH.  I'm claiming ignorance when someone gets that crunchy bite of cookie (Yuck and for some reason finding egg shell in my food TOTALLY grosses me out so I certainly hope I'm not the finder/keeper).  When I talked to my sister to find out if she was making her "famous" Swedish Creams she told me she wasn't because she wasn't stressing herself out about baking this year - which I sort of sneered at (sorry Nic, but it's true).  Now I'm wondering if she had the right idea - but darn if I didn't already buy the heavy cream to make those Swedish Creams...'
Along with the baking I have yet to wrap the majority of the presents to go under the tree and I never did make much progress on that Christmas card thing (I haven't given up on the dream - it could still happen).  So I am hoping to accomplish much in the next two days - along with finding my Christmas spirit.  The reason for the season has been totally lost on this soul lately.  SIGH.  I've had enough whine with my cheese so I won't even get into the cleaning I have yet to do before the present UNwrapping begins...

TTFN...  May the Spirit of Christmas find it's way into your heart.

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Maija said...

Tee hee....
Baking can suck when it's done under pressure!!
Enjoy the holiday- Merry Christmas!!