Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love you more than cheese…

Seriously. Cheese is a big thing in our house. Everyone loves cheese. Even the dog - take out the cheese and she becomes Super Dog – able to leap small children in a single bound. So to say that you are loved more than cheese is a big deal. It is my little pet phrase. The other day when I was snuggling with the sick girl I kissed her sweet little neck and said “I love you more than cheese” to which she replied, without hesitation, “I love you more than the lamp” which of course made me laugh. Somehow I love you more than the lamp does not have quite the same ring to it as I love you more than cheese (okay fine, maybe some of you don’t think that has much of a ring to it either but it works in our house – I mean not that the HotY compares me to cheese but you know what I mean…). Anyway, Syd, seeing she had made me laugh, launched into a whole new level of silliness – loving me more than lamps, tables and entire living room suites combined. Kids – they can extrapolate any topic until it almost ceases to exist :-) or at least isn’t funny anymore (admit it – you KNOW what I mean).

Really, take Lauren for instance. She has been a wild girl lately, breaking into some self choreographed dance that we have dubbed the “monkey dance” (and trust me when I say the title describes it all. And yes, it is complete with sound effects). It’s funny the first time and sometimes even the second or third – but after that I’m really ready to move on from the monkey dance – but not Lauren – she could keep it up long after the laughter has stopped and really most of the time – she does :-)

I have no idea where my kids get this stuff from, seriously. They are so spontaneous, happy and carefree. It makes my heart sing. Sometimes when I am watching them or we are in a moment together I wonder if this will be it – if this will be one of the memories that they will remember forever. The memory that will spring to mind when they are old and wizened and needing a lift. The memory that will take them back to that time when they were 6 or 16 and life was full of fun. I hope they have many good and happy memories which will make them feel that carefree spirit in their future lives (one of mine involves making roads with my brother in the sandbox on a hot summer day – coming in the house to eat Macaroni & Cheese for dinner (as long as it wasn’t made by the babysitter who would only use HALF of the cheese packet) and then going back outside after the rain to search for the end of the rainbow – it’s a good thing).

So what is your memory? Doesn’t everyone have one?

TTFN… and remember to keep searching for the end of the rainbow.


Shirley said...

Hmmm, hanging out at our neighbor's house (2 of their daughters also used to babysit us) in their backyard on the hammock and just swaying back and forth. Or playing with their toy - can't remember what they're called but it's a big round ball with a handle attached to it. Can find smaller ones at TRU or other stores but this was a bigger one. Or spending endless hours crabbing and hanging out in the sun waiting for the next big one to start tugging on the line and hoping that it wouldn't get away before you got him into the net.

Amy said...

Well being a farm girl...some of my fondest childhood memories involved taking a good book and hiking out into the woods with 5 or so cats following me. I always felt bad when I got to the river to cross and they couldn't get across so I would try to build them a little bridge but it usually never worked. Ah yes...good times.