Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boy does this bug me…

Let’s talk about pet peeves shall we :-) I know it’s all been about the whining and the crying lately – so why should today be any different? BESIDES, I’ve just been dang crabby. I’m trying to get over it, really I am, but at least now you know why I haven’t been writing.

So anyway about that pet peeve. Let me tell you about it since I know you are just dying to know. We have a closet and we have a foyer and the closet is in the foyer and there is a door on the closet. A fully functional door. No defects. No closure problems. Just a regular ordinary door. I must close that door, in the foyer, fifty times a day – seriously. Every time I turn around the closet door in the foyer is OPEN. The entire neighborhood knows the contents of my coat closet since the door is always open. Seriously I can close the door and five minutes later when I look in the foyer – DOOR OPEN. I don’t think there is anyone in this family who knows how to close a closet door except myself. I also don’t think there is anyone who knows how to hang up a coat because the coats are always hanging on the newel post – which is two feet from the closet. Time is such a commodity that the people in this house can’t walk two feet to hang up a coat? I mean come on – the door is already open how much time can it take?

TTFN… Oh and hang up your coat and CLOSE THE CLOSET DOOR!

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Shirley said...

LMAO! We just throw ours all over the dining room table which is past the hallway closet. It gets cleaned off when we have company. ;)