Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If it's Spring...

Then it must be field trip season. That time of year when countless students, cold lunches in hand, converge upon museums, baseball stadiums, amusement parks, zoos, swimming pools, and playgrounds. And you know what – I HATE field trip season. I KNOW. What kind of non-chaperoning mother am I that I secretly despise the entire notion of field trips?

I don’t mind the change in schedule, I don’t mind the extra money, I don’t even mind getting a cold lunch ready. BUT what I do mind is putting my children on a bus, a bus which will be driven by an unknown bus driver over whom I have no control, a bus which will be traveling on a highway, a highway full of other drivers whom I cannot control, a bus which may have to travel many miles before reaching its destination. THAT is why I hate field trips – they cause me to worry.

I worry about the safety of my children while traveling on the bus. I worry about the safety of my children once they reach their destination. What if they wander away from the group? What if they go on a ride which is unsafe? What if a zebra or a giraffe or a gazelle escapes from the zoo and tries to eat them? What if their cold lunch hasn’t stayed cold at all and they end up with food poisoning? It could happen. So field trip days – I hate them and I’m always thankful when my babies are all back in the nest. I won’t let my kids know I hate the field trip because I wouldn’t want to take their fun away - but between you and I – well you know how I feel.

TTFN… Oh and about that cold lunch – can you say Hostess Ding Dongs are in the house – it’s the only time they’re allowed!


Amy said...

And there are enough preservatives in those things to out live us all! And just think of the memories they will return with.

Shirley said...

I never think about that. Course I don't know the morning or afternoon bus drivers either but I'm there every day waving at them when they get to the bus stop.