Friday, April 10, 2009


you know that whole spring - love is in the air - thing that happens? Well it is happening around here and really I'm a little old for the whole twitterpated thing so you know it has to do with my little darlings :-)

Of course the ongoing love story of Sydney and Wyatt is still a topic of discussion with Syd mentioning that she just happened to tell Wyatt that she loved him while they were doing their Easter buddy project. When I asked her what he said she gave the standard reply "he smiled" I don't know about you but I'm thinking that Wyatt does a lot of smiling :-) I can only hope that the summer break will cool down Syd's "affections" because right now she's talking about buying the house across the street so she and Wyatt can live there and I can babysit for their baby Pinkie (which just happens to be the name of her PINK bear). You can't deny the girl has a plan (she even has a back-up plan in the unlikely event that Wyatt marries someone else - his name is James).

Lauren, on the other hand, is much cooler about her feelings - although mention the name Oliver and she turns all shades of red. Yesterday she came home with "exciting news", crawled into my lap and revealed a necklace. Oliver took a vacation to a tropical locale over spring break and brought back a gift for Lauren (the shell necklace). I actually knew it was coming as I had talked with his mom the day before and she had "warned" me about Oliver's surprise (of course I didn't let Lauren know I already knew). When I asked her what she did when he gave it to her she said she put it in her backpack and wouldn't open it in front of him (she is very modest about this kind of thing - not so modest that it stops her from shakin' her booty down the hallway when it is pajama time but give her a gift and she is all shy). She did remember to say thank you. And now that necklace is her prized possession.

See what I mean - TWITTERPATED. Alex seems immune to the whole "affairs of the heart" thing right now but the girls - not so much. I have no idea where they get all these romantic notions.

Have a great Easter and watch out for that bunny - he may bring some twitterpation along with his basket of eggs.


Shirley said... cute!

Shirley said...

although I have to admit I saw the title and thought "scrapbooking stuff"....LOL

Amy said...

I thought you took the plunge into Twitter! Happy Easter to you.