Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last night I didn't get to sleep at all...

I have a new idea for my Glitter Me! Etsy shop.  I saw something that inspired me and I was so busy thinking about how to execute the idea that I couldn't fall asleep.  Does that happen to you - you get so caught up in a creative thought process and you are so anxious to get started you just can't sleep? I won't even mention how many blog entries I have written in my head late at night (of course, by the time morning light is peeking through the windows, I have forgotten most of what I had thought was so witty at midnight :-))  but regardless - that kind of stuff can keep me awake at night.

In anticipation of starting a new project I have been cleaning my room/studio/office MESS (and yes that word deserves all caps, it is that bad).  So tonight I finish cleaning, tomorrow a little supply shopping and then it is onto something new - not that the original Glitter Me! signs and banners are going away, I'm just expanding my options. 

TTFN and stay tuned... 

Oh and do you know who sings that Last Night ... song (no googling allowed)?

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