Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Thursday Thoughts...

I have had a lot of quirky random thoughts running through my head today and since my writing has been less than inspired lately I figured I might as well share. I mean, what have I got to lose, it isn't like I don't eventually end up sharing everything anyway.

So first, I have noticed there has been an epidemic of people calling me "Ang" lately. I'm not saying I mind but typically the "Ang" tag is usually thrown out there by people who know me well. People who are an immediate part of my life. People who I consider a friend and I assume feel the same way in return. BUT that being said, even among the intimate group there are some people to whom I have never become an "Ang". Angie yes, Angela sometimes, but the "Ang" thing just never seemed to come from their lips and I was fine with that - it's all a personal preference, although in the past week some of the "Angie" group of friends have actually started to become "Ang" callers. Again, I want to make it clear I don't mind at all, and typically it isn't such a big deal - but there have been a handful of people just this week (or maybe I just noticed it this week) who have begun calling me "Ang". It kind of makes me wonder what it is about. Has something about me changed. What? What changed me from "Angie" to "Ang" for them? It's a ponder...

Oh and on a tangent - here is a little trivia about me and my name. I used to HATE my name. HATE IT! I wanted to be Susie or Beth or Jennifer or Velvet (remember that doll with the plaid dress and "growing" hair) or anything but Angela or Angie. As far as I was concerned it was a bad name. But then somewhere along the line (and really I'm ashamed to say it probably wasn't until I was a young adult) I decided to embrace my name and love it. I didn't even realize it until one time during a doctor's appointment the young doctor asked me if I liked my name (while I was in the dressing room changing no less). Ffter I got done thinking "wow that is a weird out of the blue question to ask me while I'm changing my clothes" I said Yes and I realized I meant it. I liked my name. He then went on to explain he and his wife were expecting a baby and Angela was one of the names they were considering. At least it didn't seem quite so random then. I wonder what they named their little girl? I guess that will just have to remain up there as an unknown mystery just like the "Ang" thing (I don't think I have used quotations this much in my entire life).

Anyway, the other thing I feel a dying need to discuss is toothbrushes. This thought isn't quite as random as you would think as one of the columnists in our local paper was discussing the rules of toothbrushes - like no matter how immediate your connection sharing a toothbrush is pretty much off limits and I couldn't agree with her more. I just wish my daughters agreed because they seem to be under the impression that toothbrushes are equal opportunity household items. They have used my toothbrush, they have used each other's toothbrush, they have no sense of boundaries when it comes to teeth brushing. I've tried to talk to them. I've tried to buy different colored brushes. I don't know maybe it is a twin thing - but still - YUCK. USE YOUR OWN TOOTHBRUSH. Not doing so is gross!!!

Okay, that's it. My ramblings for a Thursday. Aren't you glad you stopped by - so much information in such a little space :-)

TTFN... have a good night.

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Amy said...

Ummmm...I might be one of those people?! Not the toothbrush sharing but the calling you Ang.