Monday, October 11, 2010

I'll be putting this on the list of things I'll never do again...

So earlier this summer I started having my nails done on a regular basis. I found a great salon and I just kept going. One day I decided to really live on the edge and have an acrylic tip attached to one nail that just wasn't living up to the expectations of the other nails. I know it isn't like acrylic nails are anything new but I had never done them before. So I got the tip and I liked it - I really liked it and the polish stayed on that nail much longer than the rest (ha, so much for the underachiever status of left hand index finger).

Next time I went to have my nails "done" I threw caution to the wind and said give me a full set of acrylics. So she did - and she did a great job and the nails looked perfect. BUT once I had a full set I didn't like them. They were too thick at the tips and I couldn't use my nails as screwdrivers or scrubby pads any longer. I couldn't even give a decent scratch to a mosquito bite. So I had them taken off assuming my nails would go on as previously living. WRONG. My nails are ugly, and scratched up and weak and they hurt. I know - who knew? See where vanity got me? Sore nails. So acrylic nails - been there, done that - not doing it again. I've learned my lesson but I'm wondering how long it will take them to get back to normal - anyone???

And the real lesson in all of this is I have long nail beds (it's a good thing - long nail beds mean your nails never look short and stubby) so there was really no need for the acrylic nails other than the allure of PERFECT nails. From now on I'm settling for above average :-)

TTFN... take care of your nails - acrylic is NOT the answer

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