Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hold on, Hold on...

I'm getting caught up. There has been so much going on with birthdays, spring concerts, end of the year picnics, garage sale prep and almost totalling my vehicle that I've gotten a little behind.

The girls celebrated their birthday last week. It was a three day celebration (isn't that the way birthday's are supposed to be). The actual day of their birthday was spent with the grandparents. Cake and presents were plentiful.

The "party" was on Saturday. We had 17 seven year olds meet at the movie theater to watch Shrek 4 and then walked to the pizza place in the vicinity for pizza, presents and cake. I still can't talk about it :-) In my mind these things always sound like such good ideas. Seriously, it wasn't too bad.

This picture is such a reflection of the girls - Lauren is all - what the heck - she is just too much and Syd is all about putting her best pose forward. She decked herself all out in "diamonds and pearls" and called it beautiful :-)

I'm still working on garage sale prep. June 4 & 5 are the big days. Man we have a lot of STUFF! And really if I was more organized and more ambitious I could still make another sweep of the house and find at least another day's worth of stuff. Trying to sort through what we have gathered has been an experience. Lauren is not interested in the process, Sydney wants to keep everything and Alex wants to get rid of everything. Really, as of tonight I'm still not sure what I'm selling and what I'm keeping. I've had too much "help" with the sorting.

Oh and about that car thing - I'll tell you more about that tomorrow. I'm still getting myself caught up in the "what if's".

TTFN... if you need kids clothes, girls' fancy dresses, toys or scrapbooking supplies - along with other miscellaneous items I know where you can find them...

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Shirley said...

Your girls are beautiful! Gotta love parties that last for days! :)