Sunday, June 6, 2010


that's is all I can say - WOW. We had a garage sale this weekend and although a HUGE success (really anytime you can come away with cash from junk that was just accumulating in your house and garage and attic it's a success) I am still reeling from the event. I've had garage sales before - I think the last garage sale was two years ago, maybe three. Regardless I've been there done that - but seriously, when did this whole garage sale barter system begin??? I looked at what I had to sell, considered what kind of condition it was in and how much I'd be willing to pay for it and then I marked the price. THE PRICE I WANTED TO SELL THE ITEM FOR. I did not mark the price with the intent of bargaining with the customer about how much I would actually take for the item - that price tag - THAT IS the price that I will actually take for the item. And believe me when I say I was a bitch about the entire thing. Not that I didn't make a couple of deals - but those that demanded deals - I'd rather get stuck with the item than to make a deal. I know I know (believe me I get this stubborn streak from my mother - blame her) but really it was ridiculous and next time I have a garage sale I'm marking everything $2.00 more than I actually want. I can play the game too... (yes, I know this is not an attractive side of my personality but I told you I was still reeling).

I am very glad to have the garage sale behind me (and my garage back and available for car parking) but I am not looking forward to this week. Tomorrow is the last real day of school for L & S. Tuesday is the last school mass followed by a reception for the departing principal and then schools out for summer. Although I love summer and the freedom that it brings I am not a fan of the last day of school because it means I'll cry and it won't be pretty. I tried to get out of attending mass on Tuesday because I know I will be a sobbing mess but the girls were devastated when I told them so I'll be there with my purse full of tissues.

Here is a picture of the girls on the first day of school:

Here is a picture which was taken a couple of weeks ago - they've grown:

And the crying, really how can I explain it? I've already stated my problems dealing with goodbyes and the last day of school is just one huge goodbye. I get all worked up about my kids passing milestones. Although I would never want them to not pass milestones it still means that they are growing up and away - one step closer to realizing that I am not the best thing since sliced bread. Oh My Gosh, I just had a terrible thought - what they heck am I going to do next year when Alex graduates from High School? How am I going to make it through that momentous event? I think I better start saving those Kleenex coupons.

TTFN... I have to run - I've got a High School graduation to worry about - in a year - but still...