Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So they say it's your birthday...

Today's the day - for those of you who did not bother to Google Barbie's B-day :-) So far the day has begun well. The HotY wished me a Happy Birthday as soon as I got up, Alex gave me a great birthday hug and kiss and the girls sang me a wonderful birthday duet (they are more excited about the day than I am) and I had a nice birthday greeting on my desk when I arrived this morning. Oh and I stopped at Panera and picked up treats to share the love :-) I don't know that even that doll Barbie could have had such a great day so far.

So here's to a wonderful day and melting snow (because really nothing signifies the beginning of spring to me like my birthday).

TTFN... be happy - eat cake!


Shirley said...

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Ann said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Angie!