Friday, August 21, 2009

Something about James...

Have I ever mentioned James, our friend and adopted family member?

It is because of Alex and the many wonderful things he has brought to our lives, not the least of which has been the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people, that we know James.

James was hired as a caretaker for Alex for after school care and has ended up as a part of our family. Alex adores James and I think the feeling is mutual. They've listened to hours and hours of music, gone to countless movies, taken numerous swims, jumped on the trampoline and eaten at McDonalds more times than I even want to know and they both come back from the adventures with smiles on their faces. Unfortunately for us, James wanted to continue his education and left to attend school. Alex was sad, I was sad, the HotY was sad and the girls were sad. James' last day was not a happy day in our household. BUT James, being the kind of guy that he is, kept in touch, taking Alex out at least once a month and IM'ing me whenever he sees me on Facebook (we won't talk about how often that might be...).

James recently was hired for his first teaching job in our local school district -
5th grade. He will be a wonderful teacher - and lucky for us he will be teaching in our neighborhood school so he will be around and hopefully we will see him often. We are all so excited for him. It makes me happy to see him succeed even though I would still like to see his smiling face every day after I get home from work - but that would just be selfish. That and asking him to clean the house - selfish - not that I wouldn't ask but I'd KNOW I was being selfish (James, you know that was for you ;-))

TTFN... and consider yourself lucky if your kids have James for a teacher

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Shirley said...

Sounds like an awesome person and teacher!