Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have you seen my dog???

Seriously. All we do is chase the dang dog all over the neighborhood calling her name and stopping neighbors and strangers asking for a clue to her location.

Autumn BOLTS out of the door whenever she gets the chance - and with three kids in and out and in and out and in and out fifty million times a day lets just say we're looking for the dog A LOT! Callie, our first dog, was not a bolter. As a matter of fact she never left the yard - really. She was the perfect dog. Callie was a lady. Autumn is a party animal. I'm not kidding. The more people the better as far as she is concerned and there is nothing worse then not being with her "people". Sit down for a moment and she is bounding into your lap. Time to go to bed and she hops on the bed and snuggles her 30+ pound body right smack next to your butt. Try driving with a big dog glued to your side resting her chin on your arm. It isn't easy. And she doesn't move. Not if you push her, not if you shove her, not if you give her a nudge with your foot 30 lbs of dead weight. BUT she is turning into a very good dog. Now if we could only get her to stay in the yard and stop mutilating the Barbie population that lives in our home...

TTFN... oh and some day soon I'll provide visual proof of the Barbie carnage we've got going on - it isn't pretty but a least no one has been decapitated.


Amy said...

Well at least you have a good picture for the Lost Dog posters. If you need them!

Shirley said...

Invest in one of those invisible dog fences?