Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's that time of year...

I suppose I should contact Babs (aka Barbie, sister of Skipper, Friend of Midge, on again off again love interest of Ken, loved by millions, can't keep a job yet has multiple dream houses - you know the girl) about our big day which is right around the corner.  While I've got her on the phone I will be asking her for the secret fountain of youth she seems to have found.  Have you seen her?  Her skin is FLAWLESS.  I don't know, someone mentioned it might be plastic, but she doesn't looked lifted and tucked to me.  Anyway, I digress, sharing the day with Barbie the doll is my claim to fame so I like to throw it out there now and then because really I don't think I can even come up with six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  I'm a small town Iowa girl at heart what can I say (and NO I have not been to the Field of Dreams nor have I ever lived on a farm - I'm a city mouse).

Soooo the b-day is around the corner.  I feel like I have aged a lot in the past year.  Maybe it is time to admit I'm not 25 - but you already knew that - right? 

Okay, I've got a call to make.  If I get that secret to looking like Barbie I'll be sure to pass it on - you've stuck with me this far it is the least I can do.


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