Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I really didn't mean it...

I really didn't mean to let this blog thing kind of drift off into obscurity. It's just that life - well it's been busy. I know I know we are all busy - but really it's true. I've been busy. I'll try to be better in the New Year - really I will.

Today is the HotY's birthday. Another 12 months, another year older, and STILL not yet 40. Come on man, grow up already, you're making me feel old! The perils of marrying a younger man - even though the husband gets older he'll never be older than his wife - consider yourself warned.

So just a quick post with some fabulous advice. I'll write more SOON. Really, it will be soon. REALLY!


The HotY thinks I may overuse Really a little too much. REALLY??????


Shirley said...

Really? Seriously? LOL! Happy birthday to the HotY!

Amy said...

Tell Dennis Happy Belated Birthday from me. I was thinking it was next week but I think that is Alex's birthday? 21st or 23rd?

I know I use Seriously too much and I guess I say 'goofy' alot.