Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two down - one to go...

The girls started school today. They were so excited to get started they were begging to go early. I was so excited for them to get home this afternoon I was hoping they would be let out early (what can I say - we have problems with anticipation). Of course when I asked for the details of their day they weren't sure they could remember - until I stopped asking. Funny how it works that way.

Syd's big news was her sighting of Wyatt (you didn't think that story had ended did you - if so, you must not know my daughter) and how glad she knew he was to see her. I have no doubt it was true - you can't question that kind of confidence :-) (I am still so sad there is no smilie emoticon on Blogger - what is wrong with these people???). Anyway... Lauren had a great day and is very excited to be sitting in the front row. She also let me know there is another set of twins in the class this year - they're different though - they talk a lot (I'm only reporting it like I hear it...).

After school pick-up I decided to be super mom and baked chocolate chip cookies. My super mom efforts need some improvement. I pulled out the ingredients, read the recipe, thought about doubling the batch (as long as I was going through all the effort) and then changed my mind. Or I thought I had, until I was in the middle of the recipe and realized that although I had followed the recipe for the eggs, vanilla and butter I had doubled the amounts of sugar - UGH - sooooo a double recipe it was. THEN, I don't what I was thinking but as I was mixing the dough I put the bowl down (it's one of those KitchenAide stand mixer lever dealies) while the mixer was going - and then I put it back up - still not turning it off and then just stood there and thought WHAT AM I DOING??? I'm not a dumb girl - really I'm not - but - well, at times I can be flighty. Ask my brother, who sometimes asks me how someone so smart can be so dumb. Although really, it's not dumb, it's just - distracted - or flighty. There are times when my distraction can become almost chronic. My flighty ways have even earned me a nickname among my immediate family and NO I'm not sharing - truly there is no one beyond the sacred inner family circle who knows this nickname. Not Roxann, not Amy, not my kids. Only recently was the HotY given this super secret information. Seriously. I KNOW - people are always surprised by my ability to keep a good secret - I don't understand why - but there you go - I CAN keep a secret :-)

So there you go a flighty post about my flighty ways and the first day of school. I thought it was a natural fit. I mean really, the kids are "flying" the nest.

TTFN... harsh morning sunlight does not good photos make.


Amy said...

I'm impressed that you had all the ingredients to make cookies! :)

Shirley said...

LMAO! Kids are super cute and mom is too funny!