Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So much for that record...

At the end of the 2008-2009 school year Lauren had the honor of receiving a certificate for excellent attendance since she did not miss a single day of school. She won't be receiving that honor this year. This morning, five minutes after school began, Lauren threw-up, which is really strange as she isn't a thrower-upper and she was fine this morning. I spoke to the school nurse and found out she had fallen on the playground and really scraped up her hand which she said hurt so bad it made her throw up. Okay I can buy that - but even though she wasn't really sick she still had to come home - throwing up at school is an automatic get out of class free card. The HotY stayed home with her and nursed her wounds.

So it was just Syd at pick-up from school. Since the HotY was home with Lauren & Alex I took advantage of the freedom and Syd and I did a couple of errands before going home. While riding in the car I had a great time visiting Syd's world. She told me all about Lauren throwing up "mom, she came in the room, looked at her owie and threw-up - I guess SHE won't be a nurse". I couldn't help but laugh. Syd was very matter of fact about this - there is no question - nursing is not in Lauren's future. Syd has also informed me that Wyatt is "no longer on her mind" she has moved on. That's a relief as Wyatt is now a 7th grader and that is a complete world away from 1st grade. Then she said "do you wanna know who is on my mind - Gabriella - she's my best friend. Her mom is going to have a baby - I think we should go watch" I said "watch what" to which she replied "watch her have the baby". Well of course Syd would want to go watch. She'd want front row viewing - the girl is nothing if not curious. I told her I didn't think we would be watching but she thought if I called Gabriella's mom and asked her if we could watch she would say okay. Yep, I'm sure she would :-)

When we got home Lauren was full of questions about Syd's day. What they did in gym (we ran the 400 mile dast (I believe this was the 400 meter dash) around TWO sets of cones). What they had for lunch (pizza - the LITTLE pizzas) and if she brought any work pages home (she forgot). I love listening to their conversations and am continually amazed at how much they are growing up. Add that to the fact that I now have a Junior in High School and I'm feeling OLD!

TTFN... and if you think of a new career for Lauren, now that nursing is out of the question, let me know :-)

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Shirley said...

Poor girl! Glad that it was a one time thing though. How about engineering? ;)