Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What about the tinker the tailor and the candlestick maker…

So I’ve been checking out wedding blogs lately (hey I never get tired of looking at pretty dresses and gorgeous jewelry) and I’ve noticed something - these weddings are over the top gorgeous, fully coordinated and EXPENSIVE. Doesn’t anyone throw together a wedding with six months and five thousand dollars anymore? Sure, the new wedding look is simple and understated yet elegant – but, trust me – not so simple or understated or cheap (but definitely elegant).

It takes a lot of time and money to put your initials on every solid surface within spitting distance, to pull a few flowers from the garden to make an “informal” wedding bouquet and to stand on the corner of a city street so a journalistic photographer can take a cool picture for your wedding album (I won’t even get into the goodie bag deal – lets just say the only goodie I ever took home from my wedding going single days was the best man).

(image provided by Zinke Design)

Don’t get me wrong. I love looking at these weddings. I love seeing the gorgeous brides in their Vera Wang wedding gowns and three carat diamond wedding bands showing off their custom designed table centerpieces and the candy counter treat table. BUT, where is reality? Where is the college loan debt? The rusting car and studio apartment? The borrowed veil and quarter carat diamond? The pimple on the chin and smeary mascara? The REAL people REAL wedding? Does it no longer exist? Is everyone marrying a doctor, a lawyer, a swindler or a saver? What happened to the tinkers, the tailors and the candlestick makers??? Seriously. I want to know. Where have all the real weddings gone???


Disclaimer: This blog was not written to offend any brides that have held or will be holding an awesome wedding. Seriously I love you - it gives me something pretty to look at. This blog was written in jest – and a little envy - but mostly it was written in wonder. How can there be so many fabulous weddings when there is so little fabulous money????

And if my reference to the doctor, lawyer, tinker and tailor sound familiar – well of course it’s all in a song

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Amy said...

You know how I feel! Why start your life in debt up to your eyeballs?!