Friday, November 7, 2008

That about sums it up...

Yesterday I was talking with a co-worker/friend and after exchanging information (fine we were having a conversation) he looked at me and said "well this is shaping up to be one of my shittiest weeks on record" and all I could do was numbly agree - it has been a shitty week. I'm sorry, I usually try not to be quite so blunt but there just isn't anyway to bury it in sunshine and rainbows. It isn't like I haven't tried but it is what it is.

So during a week when I wanted nothing more then to crawl into my own little bed and pull the covers over my head life had other plans. I have had something come up every.single.night this week. Seriously, Monday night we went out to dinner, Tuesday night I met a friend for a drink, Wednesday I went to a house warming get together for another friend. Thursday I was looking forward to a quiet night at home and the bed thing but then my phone rang and it was my friend Roxann telling me she was back in the country (she has been gone for the past month) and wanted me to ride with her to her cabin 2 hours away. I didn't know what to say. It isn't like I didn't want to go but I looked around and saw the dishes in the sink and the backpacks on the floor and the clothes piled in the bedroom and the faces of my children and I just didn't know if I could be gone one more night but Rox can be very convincing so I told her if she wanted me to go with her SHE had to call the HotY at work and ask him if I could be gone AGAIN, one more night. She had no problem with that, she welcomes the opportunity to flirt with my husband :-). So about an hour later ('cuz believe me if you think I like to talk I've got nothing on Rox - trust me - Oh and Rox you know I love you!) the HotY called and said "do you think you can be home by midnight". I solemnly promised that I could do that (I walked in the door at 11:58) so off I went AGAIN and really by this time - in addition to my dismal week - I was feeling like a pretty crummy wife and mother but I lived with the guilt :-) Luckily for me the HotY is very tolerant of my coming and going. Anyway, I vowed to myself that I wasn't going anywhere this weekend until I remembered I have another social event this evening and that on Saturday I am volunteering at a fund-raising event for the high school associated with the girls' school. Sooooooo I am out on tonight's event, I'm staying home and I'm pretty darn glad about it - seriously!

So I guess although my gut instinct was to hide and sleep my bad week away life intervened and prevented that from happening and really I'm probably better off because at the end of the day avoiding problems is no way to persevere. Although my rose-colored glasses have been tinted blue lately I believe it will be okay and my quirky sense of life will return so don't give up on me I promise there will be more sunshine than raindrops in the near future - at least I'm believing in the possibility.