Saturday, November 8, 2008

And it is still not over...

I was quickly reminded this morning that Friday does not the end of a bad week make.

Syd woke up crying this morning and complaining of a headache and wanted nothing to do with anyone but me (not to mention that the HotY was "on call" this weekend and tied up with some computer emergency or another). It wasn't long before the throwing-up began and it just kept coming. I finally got her to lie down and sleep but not until I promised to never leave her side. The up side is I got to spend some time in "the" bed.

About an hour later I was finally able to sneak away and jump in the shower - I still had the volunteering gig to look forward too. I should have known it was all too good to be true and far too uneventful. I was just leaving the High School to do a little shopping before heading home and my phone rang. It was the HotY saying "I think your son just broke his arm he said he fell off the deck". So I sped home ('cuz really I was just hoping for a cop to stop me so he could give me an escort to my house) picked up my son who was obviously in great pain and sped back downtown to the Emergency Room where while waiting to be admitted to a room more throw-up occurred. I mean really I started my day in puke I might as well finish out the cycle. I'm not blaming Alex, he had every right to throw up, I'm just sharing a thought :-) So while we are sitting there waiting I'm thinking my son fell off the deck. The deck which is 12 feet or so off the ground - how did he fall off the deck? Did he fall down the stairs? And where was his father while this was happening? To say that the HotY was on my list would be an understatement. I know it wasn't really his fault but when someone calls and tells you your child feel from at least 12 feet you get a little irrational. Anyway, it ended up that he dislocated his elbow (I know - what can I say some things just can't be explained by anything but heredity). So they fixed it and don't seem to think there are any other injuries. While we were spending our six hours in the ER I heard all kinds of commotion and kept seeing cops walking by our room and then next thing I heard was that they were going into "lock down mode" and everyone disappeared. Our nurse, the people in the hallways, everyone - gone - seriously. It was weird. Finally one of the nurses came back to our room (of course I tried to question her but she wasn't giving me any info) and let us go home - seriously we were there for SIX HOURS. Oh I'm watching the news - there was a big altercation in a small community near our growing city and two people died and several others were hurt and brought to the ER of the hospital where Alex was - I guess that solves the mystery - SAD).

Considering what happened to Alex and the height of the deck I am thankful that there were not more serious injuries. A dislocated elbow and puke are pretty easy to deal with when you think about the "what ifs" and those "what ifs" can do me in every time - seriously. Believe me, I'm not even going to mention that this might be the end of the "shitty week" because you just never know and right now I'm not taking any chances with tempting fate.

So that's it.



Ann said...

Glad Alex is OK. What an ordeal!!

Amy said...

Boy when it rains it pours!!!