Friday, July 25, 2008


I am in a creative rut - probably because my work room is such a MESS. If you saw the room you would totally understand why I capitalized MESS because it is no little mess it is a HUGE MESS. Ugh ugh ugh!!!

Yes, I'm procrastinating by writing this. Procrastinating cleaning up the mess, procrastinating working on custom orders, procrastinating... I always know when I am totally overwhelmed or not sure what the next step to take will be because I procrastinate. It's not an effective use of my time. I suppose now that I've identified the problem I should probably do something about changing - SIGH.

Okay I better get back to it. I just needed to step back for a minute and take a breath. I may be here again before the night is over - it really depends on how this cleaning thing goes :-)


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