Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The only other sign of wild life we encountered...

on our trip to the zoo were the butterflies during our visit to the Butterfly House. There were butterflies everywhere.

The kids were very disappointed that there weren’t any butterflies landing on them until Alex started tugging on my shirt in an urgent way and saying “mom mom mom” and when I looked there was an ugly, brown, big, moth-like looking butterfly sitting on my shoulders with wings closed.

My kids went nuts. The butterfly was a Blue Morph and the thing about this ugly butterfly is that it isn’t an ugly butterfly at all but really one of the most beautiful butterflies in the Butterfly House for when it opened it’s wings they were the most beautiful shade of glistening jewel-like blue. Who knew the beauty that the plain, brown, moth-like exterior was hiding.

We never did get a picture of this beautiful butterfly with wings open (the picture above is one I found in Google Images) as there were only a few of this species and they were all busy flitting about. Well all of them except the one taking up residence on my shoulder. And that butterfly did not want to leave – seriously – I shook my shirt, the kids blew on her, I shook my shirt some more and yet she hung on. Finally the HotY gave a big gusty blow and she flew off showing us her brilliant blue wings. Really.

So here’s the thing – if you’ve been keeping track you already know I’m quirky so I’m just going to put it out there – I think Ms. Butterfly picked me on purpose and she is my reminder that all beauty is not apparent and it really is what is on the inside that counts and makes a lasting impression.

So as I begin a new journey to bettering my health and strengthening my body I’m going to remember the butterfly that opened her wings and showed her beauty. I know, I know sometimes I can be so over the top but I really do believe that butterfly picked me – and I didn’t have to use my Super Special ESP to make it happen :-)


Wendy said...

I think the butterfly picked you too. And...If you take a real good look, it was beautiful on the outside too! :-)

Amy said...

The butterflies are always my favorite at the zoo. Hands down. And Lucas always wants them to land on him too. So cute. So yes, you were definately chosen.