Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is it Friday yet???

I am really ready for the weekend this week. I'm not entirely sure why, and really the week has gone relatively fast - but still Friday seems like it has been a long time in the making.

I went out for some drinks with friends and co-workers after work. I flipped the straw out of my margarita no less than three times. And really if you have ever had cocktails with me that really isn't unusual - as a matter of fact it was probably on the low side. You see when I have a cocktail I talk (I KNOW - but really it is MORE talking than I typically do) and when I talk I feel the need to use my hands. And when I'm waving my hands around I really can't be responsible for what happens. So now you've been warned - you don't have to be surprised when we go out for drinks and a margarita somehow lands in your lap!

Sorry, but this is all I've got today - oh wait I forgot - I got HONKED at after work. All the days when I have refrained from using my horn and I GOT HONKED AT! Yes, I deserved it - but still.


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