Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Well, yes...

yes, I am still crabby for those of you who have been wondering. Last night was beyond fabulous and the fun just keeps coming :-) Okay, well maybe I am dwelling on it but it's my blog and I can do what I want!

We got more snow last night. I had to take the girls to dance and it was NASTY! If they hadn't missed last week they would have missed last night. That will teach me for being a lazy mom.

Oh and before I move on please tell me why kids want to eat snow. It's dirty and who knows where it has been before it floats to the ground and I don't even want to think of what happens to it once it hits the ground. Holy Bananas! I hope I instilled the fear of snow into them about this - GERMS - snow is FULL of GERMS! Anyway, I digress.

After dance we went to McDonald's. I know but it was snowing and the HotY was in the Big City for the day so we were at loose ends - I wasn't cooking if I didn't have to. Soooo anyway, got McD's and headed for home with every other insane person on the road. Once home we got stuck in the driveway, almost took out the neighbor's nieces' car who insists in parking in the street directly below our driveway, and finally spun our way up the drive after coming at it from the other direction. Man I was happy. So as we are getting out of the van I drop the bag with the fries - of course. I few hit the ground but I'm not sure how many as the dog was all over them before I even had a chance to look. If I was happy before I was practically giddy now. After supper, since it was snowy and I was in such a delightful mood we made peanut butter star cookies. A fun family event. I was hoping to share some of the cookies with co-workers but that won't be happening. This particular batch of cookies will not be consumed by anyone outside of the family. There was mandatory hand washing before beginning but that was not a deterrent to the licking, smelling, rolling, worm cookie making and tasting that went on during the process. Do you see why I am not sharing? Isn't it bad enough that someone out there had to buy that poor apple bearing the Syd lick of approval? You know in thinking this over I may be blowing that snow eating thing out of proportion considering the other things I have to worry about (did I ever tell you that Syd picked up a jelly bean from the floor of a big box retailer and ATE IT - do you see the pattern here? - Let me give you a hint - starts with an "S" ends with GERMS in the mouth).

So maybe you can understand why I may be a little crabby. MY CHILDREN ARE OUT OF CONTROL and it's all their dad's fault...

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