Saturday, September 14, 2013

That's how it works in this house...

We have all read those "mommy" blogs where the food is organic and beautifully prepared, the kids are playing harmoniously on acres of green grass with fairy tale inspired playhouses nestled in the treetops while mom and dad gaze on their little darlings will running entrepreneurial kingdoms from the comfort of their top of the line, technology driven home offices.  It all sounds to good to be true.  And It Is - at least in this house.

Right now, on this idyllic early fall Saturday full of golden sunlight and leaves rustling in the breeze, inside the house there is one child playing Christmas music in his room at full volume, one hogging the laptop while playing Minecraft, one lying on top of the computer hog and telling her how mean she is for not giving HER the computer and a HotY who has escaped to the depths of the garage to continue his on-going relationship with his beloved wet&dry vac. 

The dog is barking at every dog going by jealous they are out walking with their owners and the cat is busy stalking a fly in hopes of a little lunch snack.  The outside plants are drooping because it is September and no one is remembering to water, the grass is turning brownish because it hasn't rained and the sprinkler is broken.  The newspaper is blowing around the room because the windows are open and it is breezy but not everyone has read the paper so it isn't in the recycling.  Pillows and blankets are scattered on the floor because it is Saturday and there is lounging to be done and two out of three children are STILL IN PAJAMAS despite being nagged to get dressed no less than 100 times.  And I have decided ignorance is bliss and am typing and neglecting it all.

Ah, yes, an ideal Saturday in the life of this all-American family.  I bet those mommy bloggers never have days like this - and if they do they aren't telling...

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