Monday, July 5, 2010

Missed opportunities...

Okay I've tried to post this entry twice and twice I have wiped out it's existence (by accident) before hitting the publish button. Who knows what that is all about - it may be a missed opportunity but it wasn't the one I began talking about. That opportunity had to do with the assumption that today was a holiday and our kids would not have their normally scheduled activities to attend. WRONG.

We could have had a kid-free holiday to celebrate our anniversary (eighteen years and one day of wedded bliss. Think of it, the HotY, with me, a holiday every day culminating with that big day once a year where fireworks literally light the sky in celebration of our love. Did I mention bliss??? (sorry honey, I may have gotten a little carried away - I love you ;-)) Anyway, had we known we could have celebrated but we didn't know so we haven't celebrated - missed opportunity.

So back to reality - we had a nice 4th of July celebrating with my parents and sister and her family. Saturday was glorious with warmth and sunshine and swimming and grilling and firework watching and sitting under the stars while making glow stick jewelry. It was all good. Sunday was rainy but still a good day with family. Life is good.

Okay back to enjoy my holiday.