Sunday, October 25, 2009

Will you be my partner...

Sooo, the HotY and I went to a concert on Friday night. Bowfire (click on the name to see more about Bowfire). We really had never heard of them before but the HotY wanted to set up a date night so he purchased the tickets and we went. I'm soooo glad we did despite the fact that I had been getting a little crabby about going (I mean really it snowed 4 inches on Friday - in OCTOBER - you would have been crabby too). We were lucky enough to have seats in the 2nd row and it was fabulous. I love the violin, and all of its string related close family members so the concert really was a pleasure. And sitting so close to the stage was a very fun experience.

And then there was THIS guy Bogdan Djukic. Holy Bananas. If you click the link it will take you to a small bio and picture of him - but really - that picture does not do him justice - trust me! What was captivating about him was that he could move! Did I say Holy Bananas before because seriously - Holy Bananas. He had some kind of Brazilian, Argentinian, Latin American, Greek thing going on and it was - well HOT! And when he played the bongos you could see he was dying to break into an all out Samba (and really a bongo playing violin master you just know the guy is good at multi-tasking). So I decided he is the one I want to be my partner when Dancing with the Stars begs me to join their show. I just know we'd win :-) Hmmm I wonder if I did a search I could find his phone number "ummm, hello, Bogdan, you don't know me but I've seen you dance and I want you to be my partner on Dancing with the Stars. What do you think? Are you in?" It could happen - seriously it could.

TTTN... and always try to get in the first few rows you never know what you might see.

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Shirley said...

You are too funny. Sounds like a great date night though!