Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did you think I forgot...

Did you really think that I would let too much time go by without discussing the Dancing with the Stars finale? I may have hurt my arm but my brain still works :-) And before we begin I do have to tell you that I STILL have not watched the tivo'd episode of DWTS where my Marvelous Mario makes an appearance - I KNOW - maybe something has affected my brain!

So about that finale. Kristy Yamagochi was the easy win - I don't know that there was any real contest even from the beginning. I do think she had an unfair advantage. She was used to performing in front of a crowd under pressure in skimpy outfits and she knows how to execute a lift. BIG things. But what she did lack was passion. I never saw any passion from her. I never had that much fun watching her dance. She never excited any emotion in me. So although technically good - emotionally - heh. Actually I don't think any of the couples had much chemistry between them this season. That was kind of disappointing. I think what really makes great dancing is the passion and chemistry. But maybe that's just me... So those are my thoughts on the win but let's talk about the really important stuff like why that Edita (is that how you spell her name) chick can only afford half a wardrobe. Have you noticed how she wears the skimpiest costumes week after week. Even during rehearsals she is barely dressed. Interesting. Although maybe if I had her body I'd flaunt it too :-) And then there was Tony and Marissa. I really liked them and I really wanted to see the chemistry but instead it was more like watching a brother and sister. BORING. Oh speaking of Tony - have you seen that movie with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez (I think it is called May I Have this Dance or something like that) anyway, did you see my guy Tony in that movie? He was one of the dancing contest participants - just a little useless trivia - feel free to use this in the future to impress your friends and family :-)

Okay I've got to go. My wrist is killing me. Have I mentioned how happy I will be to throw this brace out the window? It's cramping my style.


Oh Oh Oh - the name of the movie with Rich & Jen is Shall We Dance so there you go.

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