Saturday, September 14, 2013

That's how it works in this house...

We have all read those "mommy" blogs where the food is organic and beautifully prepared, the kids are playing harmoniously on acres of green grass with fairy tale inspired playhouses nestled in the treetops while mom and dad gaze on their little darlings will running entrepreneurial kingdoms from the comfort of their top of the line, technology driven home offices.  It all sounds to good to be true.  And It Is - at least in this house.

Right now, on this idyllic early fall Saturday full of golden sunlight and leaves rustling in the breeze, inside the house there is one child playing Christmas music in his room at full volume, one hogging the laptop while playing Minecraft, one lying on top of the computer hog and telling her how mean she is for not giving HER the computer and a HotY who has escaped to the depths of the garage to continue his on-going relationship with his beloved wet&dry vac. 

The dog is barking at every dog going by jealous they are out walking with their owners and the cat is busy stalking a fly in hopes of a little lunch snack.  The outside plants are drooping because it is September and no one is remembering to water, the grass is turning brownish because it hasn't rained and the sprinkler is broken.  The newspaper is blowing around the room because the windows are open and it is breezy but not everyone has read the paper so it isn't in the recycling.  Pillows and blankets are scattered on the floor because it is Saturday and there is lounging to be done and two out of three children are STILL IN PAJAMAS despite being nagged to get dressed no less than 100 times.  And I have decided ignorance is bliss and am typing and neglecting it all.

Ah, yes, an ideal Saturday in the life of this all-American family.  I bet those mommy bloggers never have days like this - and if they do they aren't telling...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm done with the quiet

This weekend marked the 4th weekend in a row the girls were not around.  They were staying with grandparents and camping and doing all sorts of things without me.  I do enjoy the peace and quiet but sometimes it is a little too peaceful and quietful (yes I do know that is not a word).  Last night I realized this is just a taste of the upcoming years when the house will be empty except for the HotY and I as everyone else in the house is out and about and finding their own adventures.  I've seen the future and it makes me sad and old and excited and scared and and and... 

I keep wondering why my mother never told me about the days like this...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Funday...

Who ever decided Sunday was Funday?  I've never considered Sunday Funday.  Friday yes, Saturday definitely, but Sunday - never.  Today I have a big case of Sunday blues.  I'm sitting here looking out at a beautiful day in the neighborhood and thinking it won't be too much longer until summer is over and as always I don't feel like I have gotten my money's worth out of the season.  Yes, I know it is no one's fault but my own but sometimes I can't help but feel cheated by mother nature when the dog days of summer are on the horizon - especially this year after the winter that would never end.

Anyway, Sunday Blues.  I thought maybe writing would make me feel better but so far no luck.  If I didn't look like such a mess I'd go for a walk but I haven't exactly been ambitious today in the hair and make-up department.  Tomorrow - I am going for a walk tomorrow.  That will cure any lingering melancholy feelings.

So really, has this been rambling or what?  I think this is why I don't write anymore - I ramble too much and I'm not sure people read blogs for the rambling.  I'm not sure people read blog at all any more - at least not like they used to anyway.  I know I don't.  What about you?  Hmmm now I'm curious...


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Totally irrational...

the degree of crabbiness I am feeling right now is totally irrational.  BUT it is April 11th - APRIL 11TH and it is snowing and sleeting and it isn't just that is happening today and has been happening for the past week but it is continuing to happen for the next ten days.  I cannot begin to express how ticked off I am about this news.  It is spring and yet we are still experiencing winter - and it hasn't exactly been a warm winter - so all I can do is rant and rave and share my frustration on my blog because that is also a completely pointless endeavor!  I know I have a bad attitude but I'm entitled.  I LOVE summer and it is never ever ever coming this year...


Sunday, March 10, 2013


And it really is a surprise.  After months and months of nothing but crickets I've decided to stop and chat for a bit.  It may just be a short drive-by as I don't know there is much to be said even after all this time but we shall see what seems to pour forth from my fingers (ha).

Things are good.  The job is good.  The kids are good.  The dog and cat are good.  Oh and the HotY is good too.  It is all good.  The weather however is not good.  It is March - you know March that time of the year when all things winter related are supposed to be packing up their bags and leaving town but this year these nasty winter guests seem to want to linger.  GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm sick of you and your white pasty snowflakes.  I want green grass and colorful bursts of flowers and sun - hot sun.  So go away cloudy skies and icy winds we don't want you here any more.  I know this may seem a little strong but really I have rolled up the welcome mat for winter and all his excess baggage.  Be gone.

Okay, I feel so much better now.  I can't tell you how long I have been waiting to get THAT off my chest.

Yesterday Barbara Millicent Roberts (renowned Barbie doll) and I celebrated our birthday's.  I still think she is a little bit fake but hey no one is perfect - not even dolls manufactured by Mattel. 

Syd performed in the Eagles Cancer Telethon in January.  Here is a You Tube clip if you want to check it out.  She was as calm as a cucumber. 

Lauren's soccer season is soon to start so she will soon be receiving her moments of glory and Alex is doing well as always.  I'm still trying to convince him that some day is he going to want to move out but right now he is not buying it - why ruin a good thing. 

And just to prove I had not ceased to exist during my absence here is a picture from the girls' Christmas concert in December.

TTFN...  and thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The party's over...

After leading a life of leisure for the past two years it is now time to go back to the real world of full-time employment.

Yes, I have a new job and who knew starting over would be so hard or intimidating or nerve wracking.  When you have been employed by the same employer for a long period of time you know all the rules.  You know your boundaries, what you can do what you can't and how far you can push.  A new employer - all of those things you knew before not so much anymore.  Don't get me wrong I think I am going to enjoy the job and the challenge and it is something I think I can do well but still - scared, ambivalent and kind of sorry the party is over - but everyone knows no one promised life would be a party. 

Hey, here's a thought - maybe being part of the real world again will give me something to write about - heaven knows that has been lacking - so here's hoping :-)

Now get back to work - I know I am...


Oh and since it has been so long since I have posted here are some pictures from the apple orchard and Halloween.  I'll get caught up one of these days.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm not ready for this...

FALL.  It's on the way.  The temps don't reflect the change of season yet but I know it is coming and we all know that does NOT make me happy.  Give me summer.  I want summer.  I need summer.  Please don't leave me summer. 

Fine, it's going to happen, fall is going to make an appearance but I DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE IT.

A sure sign the season is almost upon us is the start of school on Monday.  The girls headed to the classroom and were a little more reluctant and a little less excited than that first day of school in Kindergarten.  Where did the last five years go?  I don't know about you but I am not five years older (and winter is not coming ---- it's all about denial :-)) 

Here are the pictures. 

Lauren 1st day of Kindergarten

Sydney first day of Kindergarten

Lauren & Syd - first day of 4th Grade.

Alex doesn't start his fall schedule until Tuesday but soon everyone will be back to the schedule.